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I love being able to work literally in my own backyard. All of Sonoma County is beautiful no doubt. However, my heart lies here on the Russian River surrounded by ancient majestic redwood trees and awesome people both long time locals and tourist alike. This session was one I had envisioned since the first time I discovered this beach here in Guerneville. I was thrilled when Sarah chose this location. When they arrived for their session I found out that Sarah’s husband Ezra, actually grew up nearby and had spent time hanging out at this very beach, how cool! It was the perfect location for their family photographs.

A documentary approach to a family photo session like the Deering Family’s is not only my favorite way to capture images, it is a great option to alleviate the stress and anxiety that can come with the idea of a family photo session. I use my all mighty photographer super powers to get a feel for who you and your family are and then do my best to help bring that out in your photos. You get to have fun, play with your family and be yourself.


Family Photography in Guerneville

Some families are shy,  some adventurous and some are really silly. Every family is unique and I love being able to see the differences and then capture them. I start my sessions by giving a little direction as to a good place to stand or say something like  “hey, do you know how to play ring around the rosies?” or declare a silly face making competition. You can see these two little cuties seemed to enjoy that.

Russian River Photography

While having fun I mix in a few “posed” shots too. I believe in having photos on the wall that you can look back on remembering how it was for real, not necessarily a perfectly posed photograph. Emmett is  like a lot of 6 year olds and loves pokemon cards!  When it came time for a photo of him alone I thought it could be fun to incorporate that. He liked the idea and his parents will treasure that sweet little grin, win!

Family Photography in Guerneville Ca

Since they are such good sports they wrapped up their session  with a group family Pokemon card shot…how fun is that?!

Guerneville, Ca Family Photographer


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