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Meet the Coel family! Michelle contacted me about a family maternity session and also wanted to have photos of  their son Christian for his birthday. Maternity photography sessions hold so much excitement. It does not matter if it is the first child or 10th…everyone is anxiously awaiting of this new life coming. Mothers are glowing and I say this honestly they look amazing! Even if they may feel they don’t they do. I have yet to photograph a pregnant woman that did not look gorgeous. We chose one of my favorite Sonoma County Regional Parks for their session location. The light and scenery never disappoint.

I really enjoyed getting to know this sweet family and capturing the last photos of them as a family of three.

Maternity Photos in Guerneville Ca

The bond between mother and son is like no other, it warms your heart and soul to see how much they love each other. Playful Christian would run only so far before running back into his mamas safe arms.<3


Christian was a little shy at first and I don’t mind that one bit. It gives me a chance to get to know my clients better when I put the camera down a bit and take some time to talk and play. I know it is worth it to take the time to have him feel comfortable around me and get beautiful photos than rush it and force him only to end up with something not as sweet as these images. These are the moments of a soon to be big brother and 5 year old captured forever.

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I have to share one of the things that I loved to hear from Michelle when we were setting up her session was how she heard that I offer prints and she really wanted to be sure she had her photos to display. Yay! Then she shared with me how her maternity photos from her first child are still on a disc, eeek! I know that is all too common I totally get it! It is so easy to feel like you had them done and you will print eventually, when you have time, the next time you see a great deal from your favorite place to print only to then find yourself years later with them on a disc and then you feel like it is too late. First it is never too late print them anyways, please please please!! Second avoid that in the future by having a full service photographer 🙂 You will want to look back on these photos and having quality prints is the only way to ensure you can see them later. Since I started photography the disc drives are not being part of computers just as floppy disc went away. Technology is always changing and we can’t keep up. Ok sorry to go on and on but I do feel as a professional it is important to remind everyone of these things 🙂

I will leave you with this the Coel family. Thank you Michelle, Will and Christian for having me photograph your family.Maternity Photographer in Guerneville Ca