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I will be honest I am not much of a camper. It is a lot of work to pack up and prepare for lack of everyday living essentials with a big family. So it really is not my idea of a vacation to say the least. My family however are all well seasoned campers who really love it so I tag along once and awhile. This year we went for mothers day weekend which also happened to be my youngest brothers birthday. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed myself on this trip. I think it is no coincidence that now both my brothers families and my parents all have campers which had room for myself and my boys lol. I am telling ya “glamping” is the way to go!

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This is the view of the cove right at the campground. We had a blast exploring this area.

Documentary, Photographer, Sonoma County, Ca. Photography

Our first trip down into the cove.

My boys and I arrived on Saturday around lunch time. Everyone else had been there the day before. (remember I said I am not a camper lol) We dropped our stuff at the campsite and took off to the cove to explore.  We had the whole place to ourselves, such a treat!

After we explored a bit we headed back to the campsite to find the rest of the family. The boys apparently got hungry and decided to roast up some hot dogs and marshmallows around the campfire.


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Fun around the campfire!

It was not long before all the cousins were off and playing. Climbing and racing around the campground.

Documentary, Photographer, Sonoma County, Ca. Photography, ocean cove

Climbing, riding and running free!

The kids all decided that we had to return to the cove as the tide went out so we went back down to explore together. They spent so much time down here having the most fun! They flipped over rock after rock each one just as exciting as the last. Lots of squeals and shouts of finding  “the most crabs ever”, sea snails and anemones. They has buckets full of little crabs (released back into the areas they had been found when done of course).

Documentary, Photographer, Sonoma County, Ca. Photography, ocean cove

Exploring the tide pools in the cove

Documentary, Photographer, Sonoma County, Ca. Photography, ocean cove

If you ever want to entertain kids of all ages..tide pools!

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A few of the tiny crabs we found and a hermit crab

After all the tide pool exploring the kids were ready to head back to camp. They caught a ride with the guys coming back in the campground from a day of fishing. The kids apparently caught more than the fisherman this day 😉


sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

Campground fun.

What is camping without an attempt to pop jiffy pop on the fire, right? Our first try was an epic fail but after a long wait and smoked filled eyes we managed to have success!family photographer, sonoma county, camping, documentary Photography

As the sun was getting close to setting we decided to explore the other side of the campground. Who would have known we were about to discover a scene out of a fairytale. We found the coolest area a little bit off the path full of trees that seemed to form an enchanting hut like play structure. Grown ups and kids alike all had so much fun here.The wood grew in all sorts of fun twisting and turning ways. One of my nieces even said it was like “Alice in Wonderland”.

sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

Exploring the magical coastal trees

sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

Breathtaking what mother nature creates.

sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

Believe it or not this was the best photo I could get of all of them together haha!

After lots of fun we decided to head back to camp. We were lucky enough to find a special little lady bug on our way. Ladybugs are very special to our family so I had to include it.

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We got back in time to watch the most amazing sunset right from our campsite.

sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

Nothing better than an sunset over the ocean!

You would think after all this in one day these kids would be tired…but no such thing! Now it is time to attack the birthday boy! haha sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

After a good nights rest we were now ready to head down one last time to the cove for some fishing before we left. Grandpa was teaching the boys how to fish while the rest of us explored and collected beach photographer, sonoma county, california coast, photography

sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

Wind Sailers had washed up all over the cove that morning

sonoma county camping, photographer, santa rosa, ocean cove

another peek at the coves tide pools

All in all I think it is safe to say a fun time was had by all! I can not wait to return, even if I am not a “camper” this was a blast and may have converted me. I highly recommend you go check out Ocean Cove if you ever need a place to camp on the Sonoma/Mendocino Coast. The place was well maintained, family friendly and the staff I met was very nice and helpful. If you are interested in having your own camping trip or vacation documented feel free to see more info here on documentary sessions. I would love to tag along and capture your family fun! Ready to schedule now? Click here

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  1. Victoria Rodriguez says:

    Beautiful writing and pics 🙂 I felt like I was there without the messiness of camping lol

  2. Kelly h says:

    So awesome. I would love to have you document my next camping trip!

  3. Michelle says:

    That camping location is perfect! I love these photos so much. I can’t wait to take my son camping 😀 <3

  4. SHANNON RYAN says:

    Love this! Nw i want to go there and go camping because you captured it so beautifully! Your photography is amazing! California bound!

  5. Cara Rochford says:

    When I was a kid, my family camped all the way down the Pacific Coast from our home in Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles, and my favorite part was camping by the beach in Northern California. This makes me want to do this again with my kids! And yes, Glamping is definitely the way to go – we have a 36 foot fifth wheel and I’ll never tent again!!

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